Do I have to commit to a long-term agreement?

No. There is no long-term commitment.

There is no set up fee and there are no monthly maintenance fees.

How do I sign up for Accelero Fax Broadcasting service?

It’s easy. Simply speak with an Accelero communications specialist to set up your account and we will send you a user name and password giving you access to our Web Portal. Upload your document and distribution list using the Portal and you are ready to send your fax broadcast.

What if a fax number is busy?

We utilize a dynamic retry system to maximize your successful fax deliveries. Our system will retry any busy number or failed attempt at least 3 times.

Am I charged for failures or retries?

No. You are charged for completed faxes only. However, our dynamic retry system will automatically resend your faxes to any number that did not complete to increase the effectiveness of your broadcast.

Can my document be personalized?

Yes. We provide Header and Banner and cover page options so that you can personalize your document. Personalizing your communications will maximize the effectiveness of your document. There is no additional charge to personalize your fax communication.

Can I send my broadcast online?

Yes. Simply log into our easy to use Web Portal, upload your lists(s) and document(s) and provide the specific instructions for your broadcast. No special software is needed.

Can I send a cover page?

Yes. A cover page is not required, but you can further personalize your document by using a customized cover page with your broadcast.

Do I need any additional hardware or software to use Accelero’s web-based fax system?

No. All you need is internet access and a supported web browser. There is no need for any additional software or hardware.

What file formats are supported for my Fax document an/or distribution list?

Fax documents can be Microsoft Word, Excel, or Publisher, or Adobe PDF, TIFF, or Text. Fax lists can be Microsoft Excel, Comma separated (.csv), or text.

These are the most commonly used file formats, however Accelero is able to support additional formats. Please contact us at to inquire about additionally supported file formats.

How will I know when my fax broadcast is completed?

Once your fax broadcast is complete, you will automatically receive a summary completion report via email. Your detailed broadcast reports are available online through our Web Portal.

How do I manage and maintain my lists or database?

With our Web Portal, you have 24 hour access to your distribution list(s). The Portal allows you to add, delete, edit and manage your distribution list on-line.

What are your payment options?

In order provide the lowest cost to you, our services must be prepaid. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Contact your customer service representative if you require credit terms.

Does Accelero provide any lists or databases?

No. Please be advised that Accelero does not provide any document design services and/or facsimile number lists. For additional information and compliance requirements for fax broadcasting, please go to our Regulatory Page.

What are the legal issues surrounding fax broadcasting?

The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) and many states have established regulations that prohibit companies from sending facsimile advertisements absent an established business relationship with the facsimile recipient. For additional information and compliance requirements for fax broadcasting, please go to our Regulatory Page.


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