There’s so much more to a Fax Broadcasting Service than just sending the pages. It’s important to work with a broadcaster who delivers your broadcasts as promised at the correct time, and who provides you with the tools you need to maximize the effectiveness of your broadcasting. Accelero allows you to choose the exact time and date for each broadcast, and our On-line Web Portal delivers complete, real-time reporting to allow you to track & optimize your broadcasting.

Additionally, it’s important to work with a Broadcaster who will be there for you when you need support. That’s why Accelero offers live phone support during business hours, and 24 hour emergency support.


In order to deliver your faxes at the exact time you request, first and foremost your Broadcaster needs to have the capacity to send your broadcasts – as well as those of all their other clients. Many broadcasters over-state their capacity and the result is that your broadcasts wait in a queue for hours… often being delivered late at night. Accelero knows that the key to delivering for our customers is to always maintain our capacity at several times our expected peak loads and we always stay two steps ahead of the demand.


Let’s face it... cost is one of the first things you’re likely to consider when making any business decisions – and that includes Fax Broadcasting. Accelero continually focuses on keeping our costs low and we pass those savings to our customers. Accelero leverages our high call volume to negotiate the best deals possible with various phone carriers, and we employ least-cost-routing technology to always find the best rates. All of this allows Accelero to make our Price Match Guarantee. We pride ourselves on having the lowest rates in the Fax industry, and we will beat any competitor’s rate.

By focusing on the key elements of Service, Speed & Savings, Accelero team stays true to the two words that define us:

We Deliver.


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About our Company:

Two simple words define everything we do at Accelero. We Deliver. At its most basic and literal level, Accelero delivers your faxes to your recipients…but there’s so much more to it than that. Accelero’s team constantly focuses on delivering the 3 key components of quality Fax Broadcasting…. Service, Speed & Savings.